Establish a Scholarship Fund

Establish an Academic Scholarship Fund with The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation

Central to the mission of The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation is ensuring that a Scholarship Program is in place for children of Palm Beach Police & Fire Department employees. Education endowment is an impactful and meaningful gift that lasts a lifetime.

When you establish a Scholarship Fund in your name with the Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation, you become eligible to receive a variety of tax benefits, and the flexibility to support the area of need or interest that matter most to you. You also have the option of contributing to the Foundation’s ongoing General Scholarship Fund.

Name Your Fund

Personalized Scholarships can be created to memorialize someone special, to honor your personal passions, or be named for a business or organization. Whatever the reason, your scholarship will bear the name of your choosing. Should you prefer to make an anonymous gift, please consider allocating it to the Foundation’s General Scholarship Fund.

Almost any kind of asset can be used to create your Scholarship Fund, such as checks, publicly traded securities, or private foundation assets. Scholarship Awards, which range up to $8,000 per student, are awarded for one year only.

Ways to Give

You may choose how many students to award your Scholarship to, as well as its lifespan. There are several ways you can create your Scholarship Fund -- by establishing it through your will, or creating it through a trust arrangement. Tax deductions are earned at the time you make your gift, while scholarship awards continue into the future.

To ensure your legacy will endure and that deserving students continue to benefit from your generosity, we encourage you and your family to maintain your Scholarship Award funding over time.

How it Works

Eligibility Requirements: Our Director of Development will assist you with establishing scholarship criteria that reflects your passions and priorities. Qualifying criteria can rage from undergraduate or graduate school students, specific majors, academic or athletic achievements, extracurricular interests, community involvement, school location, etc. Academic merit is an important qualification for all PBPFF scholarships.

Recipient Selection: Scholarships applicants are vetted for general qualification by designated Foundation liaisons at The Palm Beach Police and Fire Rescue Departments. Approved applications are then sent to the Foundation’s Executive and Scholarship Selection Committees for approval.

Application & Materials: To remain current, The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation reviews and updates the scholarship application every year. The Foundation also creates marketing and promotional materials that are distributed to Town of Palm Beach Police & Fire Departments that publicize and highlight the many scholarships offered, along with specific qualifying criteria. Additionally, the Foundation posts scholarship information and application forms on its website.

Fund Management, Frequency & Availability: The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation manages the scholarship application process, which includes verifying eligibility requirements, and distributing funds directly to the recipient’s academic institution, ensuring that scholarship award funds are used appropriately.

Recipient Reception: Following confirmation of award recipients, The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation will host a celebratory, by invitation “Recipient Reception” for scholarship recipients, their parents, and the Foundation’s generous scholarship fund donors.

Make an Impact

The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation has awarded over $2,000,000 in scholarship funding since it’s inception in 2006. Click here to view our scholarship testimonials.