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Established in 1979, Palm Beach Crime Watch exists to help educate the local community about taking a more active role in crime prevention, risk reduction and emergency preparedness.

In 2019, the Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation assumed management of this trusted community resource, known for its invaluable citizen safety and outreach programs offered throughout the year. The Foundation and Crime Watch Board have been at work expanding its offerings to include shredding events and the Mature Driver Program, among others.

The Foundation has since revitalized, sponsored re-branded what are now called, The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation's Citizen’s and Teen Police Academies. The Citizen's Academy, a program for adults, is a six-week program that typically begins every February. The Teen Academy takes place over five days every June.

Other programs currently in development include “Palm Beach Night Out Against Crime,” which will be offered in-season to attract a wider swath of participants throughout the community.

Crime Watch programs are announced and outlined on the Foundation website www.PBPF.US, in Foundation newsletters and on its social media platforms, as well as advertised in the Palm Beach Daily News.

These important outreach programs and services, which educate the public, and address the needs and interests of the community, are staffed, in part, by volunteers who work at the police station and onsite at the Foundation offices -- reliable and vetted individuals who can be called into action and provide critical support during emergencies.

Palm Beach Crime Watch: Safety Series

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Crime Watch Board of Directors

Thomas C. Quick, Chairman and CEO

Palm Beach Police Chief Nicholas Caristo, President

Joyce Vaughn, Vice President

Rex Ford, Secretary

Michael Belisle, Director

Eileen Burns, Director

Stephanie Fairchild, Director

David S. Mack, Director

Tim Moran, Director

Officer Michael Ogrodnick, Director

Captain Will Rothrock, Director

John F. Scarpa, Director

Samantha Storkerson, Director