2 Tim Moran

Timothy Moran

Timothy Moran was the President and CEO of Apple Sports Inc./Dorson Sports, Inc. from 1988-2011. The company manufactured and distributed sports products throughout the United States under various brand names. In 2004, Moran, Inc. was established and Timothy served as the President and CEO through 2011. Moran, Inc. was responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of consumer products under the Rubbermaid name as well as private label.

Tim, along with his wife and two daughters, moved to Palm Beach in 1998.Among the things that most attracted Tim to Palm Beach was its strong sense of community. From a young age Tim has always respected and admired the police department, so naturally he joined the local FOPA lodge 19 and eventually served as their President.

Prior to his retirement, Tim enjoyed a career as the Chairman and CEO of Apple Sports, Inc., Dorson Sports, Inc and Moran Inc.. These companies manufactured and distributed consumer products under the Wilson and Rubbermaid brands in addition to many private labels.

Aside from his two beautiful daughters, Tim is most proud to have co-founded The Palm Beach Police Foundation. He was very pleased to take on the Fire Department in 2019 creating what is now The Palm Beach Police and Fire Foundation. In addition to sitting on the board, Tim is honored to serve as President of The Palm Beach Police and Fire Foundation. He is delighted with the work it has accomplished and looks forward to great things to come in the future.